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Rudraksha – Valampuri sangu
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This 3 face is a wonder bead of the world. The bead of such a size has never been seen before. It is a freak of nature and it happens very rarely.The three Mukhi Rudraksha has three natural lines of Mukhas on its surface the wearer to fight with all kinds of situation and win over them.3Mukhi Rudraksha is Known to be one of the most powerful Rudraksha for stopping all problems created in the past and existing in the present moment and about to take place in the future.3Mukhi Rudraksha is the symbol of three Devas i.e. (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh). The person who wears this Rudraksha will always get the blessings of three powers and accompanied by three Deva.
One who wears 3 faced rudraksha shall be free from all sins and attain the highest goal. One who wears a three mouths on his body is like Brahma on the earth. It would burn all the sins due to wicked deeds collected in birth after birth.The wearer of this Rudraksha no longer remains an ordinary person since three power remains with the wearer always which help him to get success in all of his works. The Rudraksha takes all the miseries and sorrow from the life of the wearer and makes the life full of happiness and comfort.

Suitable for everybody like a Politician, for a happy long healthy life, Court Case will be of success for sure, you will not have an enemy.